When Did I Grow Up?

April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

How I wish my life was that of a child’s.
I used to feel carefree, without the weight of responsibility holding me down.
I thought that everybody was nice somehow,
I had yet to experience the second face my ‘friends’ would develop.

I hoped that I could be as pretty as my big sister.
I watched classic Nickelodeon and Boy Meets World religiously,
In my mind modern television could never add up to these greats.
I listened to boy bands and danced to Ricky Martin.

I enjoyed playing outside,
Where our imagination turned swing sets into pirate ships,
And expanded my yard into a thousand miles.
I spent time with my neighbors,
Some I consider my family and one I still call my best friend.
I wanted to become a veterinarian-teacher-professionalsoccerplaying-mom.
I wanted to be a grown up,
But now as I’m nearing adulthood I think just the opposite.

Where did the time go,
Whatever happened to my childhood?

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