Body: Tip to Toe

January 18, 2008
Tips of hair lay as the dead protein runs down to the roots
Of the epidermis where the scalp’s oiliness covers the top half of our skull
With the forehead being the edge of the cliff sliding down into our senses
Beginning with the two eyebrows that lie above the two eyes, our navigators
Sliding along the sides of the face to the ears, our ability to listen and learn
Then our skin clears down to our faces’ central point, the nose
That smells and interprets its sights and lets us know that it, whatever it may be, is real
Following the dip and sweat catcher directly underneath the nostrils, the lips are reached
Which house the mouth, our constantly moving feature and consuming device
With teeth that chew, a tongue that tastes, and gums that protect and feel
In the back of the throat hangs the small vibrating punching bag
That dangles above the tonsils: our removable, almost unnecessary annoyances
Back out into the cheeks, grandmother’s favorite: the flappers
Food and drink’s favorite spot lies under the mouth, the chin
This can be one’s dullest or sharpest facial feature
Then hangs the self-conscious portion of skin under our jaw that connects to the neck
Which controls the head’s movement, holding the spine and esophagus as one
Connecting to the shoulder, broad and strong strapped with a collarbone
Down to the chest, the upper body’s central strength unit, and the female ability to nurse
Down the ribs and the obliques caging our life pump
The hardest-working organ in the human body
Extending to the sides are the arms, followed by the wrists, followed by the hands
Our ability to extend and feel
Going down to the front is the area that separates men and women, our independence
Is what is found here and around back is the place of release
With our thighs being next, their muscularity and largeness reigning over all muscles
In charge of running and walking and other tasks of movement
Of large quadriceps and hamstrings that run our lower body
Falling down to the knees where making or breaking careers are the job
So strong, yet so fragile is their great side and their downfall
With the calves and shins next
Holding the athlete’s jumping abilities and containing of vibrations
With one of the largest arteries connecting the calve to the foot
The achilles tendon, so powerful and imperative to survival, and popularly mythological
And like the knee in its involvement in a sports career
Moving towards the feet, the open point of our body that holds the heat and the coolness
With more dead proteins appearing in the nails on our toes protecting ourselves
From harmful desk edges and night tables
The human body created masterfully and uniquely by God.

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