your words echo in my aching head

January 18, 2008
By Liz Gustafson, Los Gatos, CA

your words echo in my aching head
they are all a like, all of them the same
your empty words are all cold and dead
like this disgrace they only bring shame

your words repeat over and over in my mind
they only bring the haunting of your reign
your meaningless words i'll never find
like the source of a venom causing the pain

your angry words distort my self peace
they blur my mind from what is right
and it leaves this ugly permanent crease
these words i will bury in the night

your words they are all of deceit, they lie
like the flickering forked tongue of a snake
words from you are false, to them i will not reply
your words show who you really are, a flake

so do not poison our ears with your impurity, your falsehood
lock up your mouth and keep it shut tightly, forever
throw away the key and keep it to yourself, you misunderstood
i don't want to hear your words, again to be heard, never

when i hear the muffled noise of your lies i laugh out of hate
you'll never have my trust or ear again, feel this unbearable fear
but to my feelings of loathing you will never be able to relate
your words are dead to me, its always been this way my dear

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