sometimes i catch myself in a sorrowful state

January 18, 2008
sometimes i catch myself in a sorrowful state
day dreaming of being someone else
in some other place, other than here
wondering if things would be any better
maybe things would be different
than this materialistic world
full of fake friends, mistakes, and pain
maybe if life was more simplisitc
a little more concerned about real life
centered around how we really feel
run by the truth and good in life
then my mind starts to drift in a different direction
what if i could change the world
make it to what i think it should be
as my senses begin to kick in
i find myself drowing in these fantasies
i laugh at the thought of my foolish dreams
as i sink and let out my last breath
i die with a sickening smile on my fac
i have gottent he last laugh in life
of how in my pathetic insignificance
for even a second i believed
that i could actually change my world
this laughter i shall forver keep
in my watery grave which none shall find
i lay asleep my soul finally at peace
don't take sorrow in this somber moment
celebrate that i have gotten what i have longer for

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