January 17, 2008
By Jasmine Whitehead, Dorchester, MA

Running with scissors

Nothing is what it seems
Like a dream in a movie scene
Just because your fresh
Don’t mean you’re Clean
Just because Ur from the hood
Doesn’t mean anything

I choose empowerment
U choose that green
I choose self
You choose to lean
On that block selling rocks to knocks
Who form of payment is sucking c**k
Back the glock sending,
His body in a state of shock
I am from a state of shock lock stock and barreled.

Jingle bullets is Ur Christmas carol,
As I sing a holy song of worship
God will give you a chance to wipe
Your self clean,
He will protect you
From fear not even death
Could go against his word,

My words will persuade you
Like a gun to a dome
It’s not stick and stones
But my tongue lashing will cut you to the bone.
Ur emotional state has been ripped to pieces
But my soul stays sewn
I come back wiser than most and clearer then others.

Life can eat away at you
But can’t touch seeds of your core

Just ease those painful footprints
Like ocean sweeping across the shore
Why settle for average
When you can go for
Be the best an be a savage
I see through the bullsh*t
So half the world has vanished,

So clean up Ur act
Act like Ur mother raised you
you have the potential
So use it to the full extent.
Become a scholar
And succeed through the stars
of your life without regret.

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