Silent Shadow Slam

January 17, 2008
By Mia Rudolph-Schulta, Mequon, WI

The shadows consume my mind
I can't see what lies ahead
And I can't recall what came behind
My mind, my mind
Mind, mind, mind...
The walls grow smaller each and every day
The bars come closer as I continue to lose my way
One more wrong move and I'm lost forever
A prisoner of the shadows
Me and the darkness forever.
I scream and no one hears
All they can do is laugh and jeer
I should've listened, I should've cared
But now I am alone
Alone and scared.
The world is lost, covered in smoke
Without any guide what need is there to hope,
To hope for better days, for happiness and light
I've lost myself to the night.
You told me to come back to you
When I needed a friend
And I came a few times but not at the end.
When I need you most I stayed away
I hid behind the smoke and kept the pain at bay.
Now the smoke has cleared and you're not waiting anymore
You moved on and so should I, but what's the point
Maybe it's time to settle the score.
Tears and pain, that's what it's come to
That's all I'm left with when I'm left without you.
If you should ever find yourself surrounded by the shadows
Be wary of the smoke that beckons you to follow
The place it's leading is no place at all
And down into the shadows you will most definately fall.
Turn back, run away, don't go down that path
Seek the light, not the dark
Live in the day, not the night
Just live, just live,
Live, live, live....
Live, in the light.

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