The Truth

March 29, 2011
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His eyes glaze over my body
I feel naked and exposed
Like a newborn child
Fresh from his mother's womb

I'm a new pair of pants
He's trying on for size
I'm a shiny new car
He's taking a test drive

I know I'm nothing more
Thank a brand new toy
I know he'll get tired of me soon

I know I'm a play thing
A story for his boys
A prize on his arm
If my looks check out okay

Is it wrong that I know this
And I still crave his desire
Is it shameful that I know this
And I let it happen day by day

I know what's coming
We all do
The end of my trial run is near
There is something better
Waiting on the other side

She is a new pair of pants
Do they fit?
She's a shiny new car
How's she run?

She knows, she knows
We share a secret look
We are aware, and ashamed

We don't care

His eyes glaze over my body
His hands follow soon
Fingers dance under my clothes
Exploring places seen before
I'm happy to oblige

She knows
I know
We know

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