Who Am I Now?

January 17, 2008
Who am I now?
Where is this taking me?
A shadow of my former self
Stricken with hate and loss
Wandering the hallways and corridors
Half torn, half bruised
These are my scars, given up to you

Some lost soul
Floating along the vast expanse
Drifting towards wherever this path leads me
I know you, you used to know me
You forgot me
You have torn me and wrecked me

Who are you?
Reflection of someone I knew
But lost like the dreams I had
Shed some light on my eyes
Let me see the truth
Let me see what used to be

The white blank faces all laugh and scorn
Tasteless and grave
You have made me this way
Unknown is my outlook
An enigma is my present
And my past befuddled with doubt

Expectations to high
Pressure too much
I am what I have never wanted to become
I miss you
I loved you
Now I despise you

You are inconsiderate
Careless beyond reason
I mean not the words I say
I mean not the actions I commit
I mean not the thoughts I project

Who am I now?
I am not me
I am not what I envisioned myself
I am not clean and pure
The monster within
Has dawned a new face
The one I used to call my own

The riddles I speak
The smoke I blow
All rid me of the pain, hate, and past love
My love you have burnt me
I am charred and unrecognizable
And I only ask this one question . . .

Who am I now?

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