Our Society Blinders

January 17, 2008
Hey, Hello
I would like to introduce myself
Really I would
But no one can ever hear my name
Blind eyes turn to the side as I express myself
In the many characteristics of who I am
Let me try to discribe myself

I am no good in the mournings
and have a coat of dirt over my face
I scratch and I tear my arm's hair
Picking at pests and bugs that arn't really there
As the people laugh, point, and stare
I feel like I'm at one of those conventions
In where I must stand up and mention my troubles
as a terrible father
I confess that my twitch is no longer a bother
But every morning I still wake up
And make sure that I am still a man

This now means more than just taking a glance
At the testosterone fueling member with in my pants
But working harder to advanace my offspring
For a better future
But an incurable disease makes this impossible
And I give up a little more on life
As it leaves me in strife
I guess I had become neglective
Even though I've been high on cocain for fifteen years
I barley have enough liquid in me for pure tears
And not having a job I no longer can afford the rent
I move to live underneath a park bench

At this point I will mention what it is my eyes can fixate upon
for I spy on people here and gone from under my bench
and my gaze is caught by the whole world
on this spot
From the states where a women is nothing but the size of her breasts
To east Africa where they still cut off little girl's clits
I notice in India relentless is the caste systems
Still locking families into never ending social prisons
Visions are being sent to my brain of a spanish speaking country
Is selling off their pasts to fat torists with too much money
Funny how somewhere
16 your old mothers have to choose between eating their bread
or keeping their family feed through selling their bodies

and my gaze can out rech into the past
I see it all through the vast numbers of religious rights to rule today
illuminating the crusades and the slaughetering of the jews
And the recent world happenings shines a spotlight on manifest destiny
which destroyed the destiny of all the nessesatises that the native americans had to offer
Now they pile up in old time gehttos called reservations
Once the people of the land's true preservations
has now molded the elderly wise men like Van
to say things like "shut up stupid f**king white man"
because there is no one left to stick up for their forgotten clan

and as my sight remembers the past
I can predict futures
featuring naked, sick people who all have laptop computors
The government will send out the free hard ware
only causeing the helpless with more of a burden to bare
becuase the machines require too much electricity
The high bills putting even more people into...

Im getting ahead of myself
You still may not have a good picture of me
So let me tell you who I really am
I am the pimp in the street
I am the prostatuite whos been beat
I am the trick
I am the wife of the trick who ripped off his prick
I am the young duaghter of the trick and his wife
I am the sh*t school the daughter has to attend
Because she cannot deffend her right to equallity and equall education
Like the rest of the god damned nation
becuase she was born in the wrong part of town
with the wrong shade of skin
with the wrong set of eyes
with the wrong taste in guys
She dose not understand why the world hates her living
And will resort to giving into too many drugs
One day she will be shot by thugs
who misstook her for their other nighrbor they where suppose to shoot
Becuase conflict theory suggests
that those with the power to poses
insist that the powerless should all just go kill each other
This would mean I should attempt to commit suicid
which this I have tried
many times
because I am everything that has just been discribed
But it dose not matter what I am or what may come to my view
Whats important is what you can see

When you notice an ebony girly teen
Struting down the street
Do you see her skin spotted as ugly and undutiful
Or do you see that black is beutiful

And can you see the old man talking to himself
in the reflection of the glass window shelf
Mumbling something of the war and his missing glasses
but he has an eye patch and no absent glasses
He makes it up
becuase no one like that
should have to remember their past
so do you see a lazy man living in a home of cardboard and sod
who is far to lazy to ever get a job
Or do you see a broken soul
who has no place to go and knows of no sence of reality

A young girl in a skimpy sparkling skirt gets slaped for her task
By a pimp in a purple fur coat with a white mask
Do you see a hoe not giving her pay on time
Or young women with bad luck and has to blow a trick for every single dime

and do you see that pimp
As societie's biggest mistake
Or socities complete failer to compensate for missing fathers,
women bringing up kids on well fare,
And maybe that some sh*t is just not that fair

And I am sure you must see me every day
Or do you not know how distructive I am
you must notice the discrimination and hate
That fuels the tributaries that are my forearm's blood vains
That speed their toxic blood of pain to my hands
reprehanding them idle
to randomly choke life out of all that is vital

So tell me what do you see
When I starve baby's because mothers have nothing for them to feed
When me, a sick man goes to the imperial's church
to ask god not to let me die
and hear not a single replay
Or when I steal from stores
and not have a single sweat drop from my pores
because I know that everyone becomes def, dumb, and blind
when I am free to roam and fly

So what do you choose to see
when you see the men and women
of the dirt and the untouchable
Do you truly choose to see just me
do you see just me
or do you choose to look and see poverty

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