Build Up Or Get Totaled

March 31, 2011
By Kameron Green SILVER, Houston, Texas
Kameron Green SILVER, Houston, Texas
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As many changes and fixes I go through
My life’s like a car,
Work so hard to build up,
To get where my destination is
But, while I’m driving, speeding,
Striving down that road,
My tank is slowly becoming on E
As many miles I can go,
There is always minor situations
That can prevent my engine from running
Oil need changing, but I’m lost with no GPS,
So I’m stuck at the shop
For a period of time being fixed
My tires need to be change their running flat,
Engine over heating I’m about to explode
Battery needs to be charge to much energy used,
Seat are getting uncomfortable, to many car pullers
Mirrors are beginning to be hard to see out of
Windows blurry can’t see where I’m going
But I know I’m almost there
Rain pouring flooding but, I can’t let it slow me down
As I look in the mirror Watch Out! Boom!
Flipped over totaled car head on car collision,
Repaired by the grace of God
So I move forward
But as many changes and fixes I go through
My life’s like a car,
I’m just going until I reach my destination.

The author's comments:
Relating to the concept of Life from my perspective.

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