She was the girl everyone wanted to be

January 22, 2008
By Daniella Monticciolo, Holmdel, NJ

She was the girl everyone wanted to be,
and she was shocked, she'd say "who me?”
She had the prettiest, most popular friends,
she was always in style and updated with trends.
She was an all-star athlete for all of her life,
And everything seemed to always go right.
She gets straight A’s in all of her classes.
She’s bright and beautiful and doesn’t wear glasses.
She was funny, and a blast to be around,
and a smile on her face could always be found.
But she had a secret, not simple at all,
and everything seemed like it was starting to fall.
She walks around happy and smiling,
but on this inside she’s screaming, she’s crying, she’s dieing.
She just can’t be "perfect" anymore,
so through that memory out the door.
But she must live up to her reputation,
and her body builds up with anger and frustration.
So smile right...everyone’s waiting,
this especially she is hating.
Why must she be happy, when she’s not?
Will the girl everyone loved then be forgot?
I guess life is going to be like this for awhile,
might as well keep it all on file.
Will her smile ever be revealed as a true frown?
Will everyone just wake up, and turn around?
But she's strong, and she'll move on,
until these memories are gone...

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