The Challenge

January 22, 2008
Not to long ago,
A Challenge was brought to me.
One unexpected and grim,
He taunted me.

Wrought with pain and misery,
Boredom and sheer unhappiness,
All I could do was wait,
While he continued to toy with my fate.

Adversary of mine,
The Challenge was at his best.
Unduly unrelenting,
And unyielding in his jest.

I swore that I would outdo him,
And bring him to his knees,
All that I tried was merely like
A raft on stormy winter seas.

When competing with the Challenge,
One must deal carefully.
He moves with languid strides,
And climbs almost effortlessly.

One must be sound of mind
And in total self-control,
Because the Challenge has been known,
To take even the toughest of the soul.

But I have bested him,
Tested him,
Pushed him to his limits.
Now I am the owner of his very lifetime minutes.

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