Just Let It Flow

January 22, 2008
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Same thing all experts say.
But I aint no expert.You can just call me carter ok?
And Im getting so fustrated cuz my flow aint the same.
Its 3:22 in the morning so I know I've grown insane.
Up tryna get these feelings out & explain how I feel inside.
"Do it rhyme"
"Does it sound right"
"Will they like it"
are the thoughts running through my mind.
Im about to burst.I need help.Somebody help me PLEASE!!
Come & talk to me now,God,this is an emergency.
The words are stuck and Im confused
Or maybe the words are confused and Im stuck.
Either way, its a mess.Just forget it.I give up.
How do i write that for once everything is just fine.
And the inspiration for this poem was determination that wasnt even mine.
How do I write that my greatest fear has almost been accomplished.
And my confidence level has just left this world.Yes.Sky Rocket.
How do I write that finally I have a place to call my own.
Where leisure time is greatly accknowledged & will never be disowned.
And how do I write that mature is what I've grown to be.
Sure Im still a kid at heart,but never the less MATURE IS ME.
"Just Let It Flow", thats what He said to me.
"Remember, all you need is faith.The size of a mustard seed."

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