A Man’s Best Friend

January 22, 2008
By Monisha Sugla, Holmdel, NJ

Those eye looking at me
With such sorrow and sadness,
Like a cold winter day.
How could people do this?
With such affectionate and endearing creatures in this world
To abuse them is such a crime.

They may be from the streets,
Or from a normal home
But that doesn’t stop the hurt they face.
All they want is love,
But what they get is far from it.

They give so much love
And end up being more loyal
Than anyone else could ever be.
All they take is some care
And they return the affection ten times more
Those little stuffed animals deserve so much more than what they get.

You should never hurt anyone
And you shouldn’t ruin their lives.
Donate money and protect them,
These lovable dogs should have a home and be loved.
Do what’s right, not wrong.

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