That Was Winter

January 22, 2008
Have you ever felt winter?
We all have.
Remember that day
When you woke up late
Finding out there was no school
And you ran out freely in the snow?
Remember how the snowflakes felt
When they melted with an ever so little chill
On your tongue?
That was winter.
Remember the time you were outside all
Day with your friends,
Sledding and building snowmen for hours?
Remember the feeling of your
White frosty breath against
Your bare hands? Well, your
Hands were numb,
You didn’t feel anything.
That was winter.
Do you remember the day
Your mom forced you to wear
Bulky and heavy wool boots
That suffocated your freezing feet?
Didn’t you feel a release?
You yanked your foot from the dark, bushy,
And sweaty caldron
Call a boot – your feet were finally free.
That was winter.
If you think extremely hard can
You remember that night where
You were as cold as ice
From a long day in the snow?
Remember going home to the overwhelming
Aroma of hot chicken soup?
Remember how the soup felt on your mouth?
The searing heat oozed through
Your body, all the way down to your toes.
Do you remember the feeling of cold?
That was winter.

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