The Midnight Ride

January 22, 2008
By Leslie Salgado, Chicago, IL

A dark stormy night emerges
The rider’s horse gallops like a ravaging bull
The rider wears a long dark cloak
As they rode mystifying the shadows of the night

Wolves howl, crows caw
The wind whistles in the spiritual trees
The storm forms huge angry devastating clouds
Eyes peep out everywhere in sight

The thunderous raging storm bursting out
The frightened horse halts in the middle of the road
From the horse the rider fell forcedly to the ground
Heavily injured from the tremendous fall

A huge silence emerged in the open countryside
His head landed on a hard devious rock
His blood rushed down like a scarlet blanket on the dark scary road
He lay on the ground like a poor dead dog that has been brutally shot

Suddenly a dark figure emerges everywhere in sight
In his dark underworld cloak with his sharp shiny silver scythe
The reaper or death came towards his poor defenseless body
Death tore his body open in a slice and out came out his soul

The storm was diminishing in the dark purple night sky
The trees whispering lightly through the midnight air
Thus, it was the end of the midnight ride
A tragic end for the midnight rider

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