January 22, 2008
I’m hanging in the lost and found,
Not a whim or care.
No can see the real, true me,
No one has time to spare.

I’m just standing on the outside,
Always looking in.
But my soul is getting weary,
My strength is being lost.

My mom and me,
Like cat and mouse.
We don’t get along,
Can’t stand each other in the house.

Sometimes when I think of ways to cope,
I only retreat into my shell.

I climb away from family,
I’m running from my friends.
I try to hide my beat-up heart,
What’s left to sit within.

Why do I feel so tired,
Death glazed in my eyes.
It’s almost time to end the pain,
These scars I can’t ignore.

It’s time to shed this winter coat,
With all my cares and woes.
My heart is just so sick and tired,
To weak to make a move.

The house is quiet,
I clear my throat.
Get ready to pray,
To speak to the lord.

“Dear father, dear Savior,
The one up above.
One who has descended earth,
In the shape of a flawless dove.

I’m calling in wishes,
I’m wanting to grant.
Please help me end this,
This pain and all loss.

My mom, my school,
All problems like this.
Nothing good,
No second of bliss.

Why does my life,
Go up in flames.
Die like a phoenix,
Only ashes remain.

Is it cause mom,
Has betrayed your sweet name?

I’m finished, done,
Too tired to go on.

I drowned in my sins,
A fate prolonged.

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