March 24, 2011
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There is this lovely song in my ear
I have been hearing it for many years
somehow it always reappears
I turn off the radio, still it plays on
with my heart steadily thrumming along
part of me knows within this beat I belong
a longing within me begins to unfold
but I hold myself self back, always controlled
yet deep within a new boldness begins to take hold
my heart knows the words to this song and starts singing
my body knows the moves to the dance and starts swinging
to the wind my troubles I begin flinging
with nothing but clouds beneath my feet
I take a deep breath and find the power to leap
my mind begs for a hasty retreat
I skip and I dance
I sing and I prance
not giving my cautions a backwards glance
cautions though can not forever be ignored
eventually they come back on their own accord
a now broken heart not so easily restored
the music cuts off as I plug my ears
the pain bringing with it sharp hot tears
without its distraction back come my fears
sinking back down to the way I once was
seeing not myself but only my flaws
away from my sanity the fear slowly gnaws
that beating, that rhythm, again it occurs
my aching heart feels itself begin to stir
each beat met with a fragile demur
This beat I have found inside of my soul
tussles with my heart but makes it whole
this song pulls me out of my self dug hole
one again a lovely song in my ear
that I have been hearing for many years
somehow it always seems to reappear
I turned off my radio, still it played on
and my heart unevenly thrummed along
to this beat I will always belong

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