Love Is Blind

March 24, 2011
By Writer_1 SILVER, Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin
Writer_1 SILVER, Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin
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There's a tale of a man with an overgrown nose
He had two extra eyes, so the story goes
Earwax grew in all three of his ears
He had an extra arm to catch his tears
You must be quick when you've got three feet
All four of his eyebrows came together to meet
This man did enjoy gardening so!
He'd grab his rake and he'd grab his hoe
Spending hours a day plowing his fields
Tending the crops that provided his meals
But one very sad day, his hoe snapped in two!
Now the poor man didn't know what to do
To get a new hoe he'd have to go into town
So he trudged on the path, his face set in a frown
When he reached the town, a woman shrieked
Children ran to their mothers, from behind they peeked
"Horrible creature!" one man cried
"I'm not a creature," the poor man sighed
He continued to walk down the unwelcoming streets
Passing terrified peddlers selling goodies and meats
He finally came to a tool supplier
The man walked right up like a dignified buyer
He entered the shop and suddenly stopped
A woman stood there, for whom his heart flopped
She was exquisite, none could compare
He stared at her face and her beautiful hair
She didn't scream when he entered, which boggled his mind
And that's when he noticed the woman was blind
"How can I help you?" she said with a smile on her face
Her smile was one that made his heart race
"My hoe back at home has broken in two."
"Well," she said. "Perhaps we can find a new one for you."
She left and returned in the blink of an eye
The way that she moved made his lonely heart fly
The woman's blind eyes had begun to glisten
Because, for her, it was love at first listen
The man understood and felt the same way
"How could you leave with that creature?" the people did say
But the woman just smiled on her way out of town
For regardless of looks, her true love she had found
So, together, they made their way back to his home
And the poor different man was no longer alone

The author's comments:
I started with the first two sentences and the rest came to me . . . in math class. :)

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