April 16, 2011
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There is a violent uprising within me.
My rioting soul, she cries.
Part of me wishes you would see
But the rest of me will cover with lies…

Cold, sharp thrills at your presence-
That’s enough to appease.
I hold up strongly, my shallow pretense
But u may destroy me if you pleased.

My heart races upward
When I cannot help but stare.
But I pushed my dreams back downward-
Release them if you dare.

I feel the fighting commence
When I try to hold my lie.
My thought’s not woth two cents,
But what the hell is our tie?

Now I catch my wandering thought
And find you in my mind.
That’s why I always seem distraught.
Why must you be so kind?

My soul and mind make up a pact,
I may give up my lie.
But my mind doesn’t know how she’ll act

I think I’d rather die.

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