The Twisted Twister

April 7, 2011
By Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
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Twisted lies twisted people twist into a twister what will happen when it comes in your direction?. Run run fast as you can, don't you know no matter how fast you run the twister will come directly at you and twist you up too?. It will twist you so twisted, so twisted and horrid you'll become your own twister and then you'll be twisting your way in everyone else's direction. The Sky will darken and the wind will start to blow as the twisted twister appears in the distance, don’t waist your breath you cant escape it now. Something strange starts to happen you stare in dismay the twisted twister full of lies and people it twists itself away eventually disappearing. This twisted twister though it for ceases now I warn you to take caution my friend. This twisted twister it is no tongue twister its cynical and dark and is always lurking somewhere waiting to twist out of the sky and hurl in your direction.

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