March 31, 2011
By GrayPenguin.RR22 BRONZE, Lukachukai, Arizona
GrayPenguin.RR22 BRONZE, Lukachukai, Arizona
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you say you miss me, but your doing nothing about it. . .

You are my lotus in a pile of daises.
How you're making me feel it's crazy.
You were my best friend.
Saying you'd always be there 'till the end.
I let you into my heart,
How could you take it out and rip it apart?
We looked up at our special star,
being with you it never seemed so far.
But now you left,
My heart you stole was theft.
I just wish that I had one more chance,
To look at you and steal that glance.
But, of course, the past is the past.
Time is going by so fast.
I try to forget you,
But everything I do,
Only made it hurt more.
I tossed our memories on the floor.
I'm tired of crying here,
Shedding every tear,
Because your love is what I fear.
But I'm getting stronger each and everyday,
Looking to our star, I begin to pray.
Though I know, nothing will ever be the same,
Shed a tear whenever someone mentions your name.
I'll be strong enough to wipe it away,
stand strong to whatever they say;
Because the pain you gave me only strengthened me.

The author's comments:
He still has my heart. Why though?

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