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March 31, 2011
By peenut BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
peenut BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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There's a girl who has an okay life but there's one thing we don't know about her. She cuts her self to feel the pain her daddy once brought to her the yelling hitting screaming fighting, she thought he loved that he did but when he drank he was a evil man. She looked to guys for love in some she found it but at times she found her self giving it up to make them happy. Kids at school didn't know a bout her treating her self like this but one friend did but he just made matters worse he gave her drugs made her drink at one point she just gave up and didn't fight for the one guy she really loved who wanted to help her but she kept shutting him out of her life. She was a little black girl kids would talk about her and tell her the white men were looking for her and that she was ugly when she wasn't she was a pretty girl who modeled and had dreams of making it big in life. after her shows were one she would pop pills and drink her life away but when she was gone more then 1 hour her manager came looking for her, he found her but she was face down cold and no beating f her heart so after she came from her body and she realized who she was she was Lilly who could have made some thing put of her life as she when to heaven she said i love you and ill be back with you soon.
The boy she loved and who happened to love her to felt her around and he whispered i love you to ill see you soon. her death made the news and so did his.

The author's comments:
Some thing inspired me to write this was the kids who would drink and i lost a really good friend to drinking and i just thought i would share something that might bring tears to your eyes and help you learn that being cool or drinking isn't cool and that you could die from it.

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