Best friends

March 31, 2011
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I wonder if you think of me from time to time.
I wonder if you ever regret how things ended up between us.
But mostly I wonder if your happy not being my friend.

We were more than best friends. We were sisters. We wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t have each other.
Do you remember?

I feel like it was a lifetime ago that we were friends. But I still remember. I remember it all.
I was your first friend when you moved here. Seven years as friends, seven.
And a boyfriend is now more important than our friendship. At first I didn’t see what he was doing.
But it didn’t take long. He stole you and you don’t even know it.

I acted like nothing was wrong at first. I didn’t want to admit anything was.
Then I was mad for a long time. Mad that you didn’t try to speak to me anymore.
I found myself though, if you care. I’m stronger now. I don’t rely on anyone else.
Ya know, you taught me something. You taught me to never trust anyone. Every friend I ever had always left me with a bitter end. You once said that they weren’t true friends and that they never had what we have. But somewhere you lost yourself. You forgot about me, and only saw him.
I wonder if you hurt half as much as I do.
I wonder if you care.
Do you remember, Because I don’t think you do.

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