Don't Hate Me For What I've Done

March 31, 2011
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I didn’t do a lot but be born.
I didn’t want a lot but to be with you.

Please don’t hate me for what I’ve done.
Please don’t hurt me for hurting you.
If you hated me I couldn’t live with myself.
If you hurt me, how can you live with yourself?

I’ve been hiding in a place where you can’t see me.
I’ve been live in a condition that you might not believe.

Please don’t yell at me for the s*** I do.
Please don’t hit me for something I didn’t do.
If you yell at me things would just get worst.
If you hit me what good would me make you?

I can’t say that I really love it here.
I can’t pretend that everything is fine.

Please think about how I feel for once.
Please think about what I feel when I’m hurting.
If you think more about it we can love each other more.
If you think and see how I felt more we can live together.

If you would love me for me and not hit me or hurt me
We can finally live the life we wanted from the start.

So please don’t hurt me for what I’ve done.
You can help me fix it and we can end this heart breaking life.
Come so we can be happy like we once was.

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