Epitaphs of FoolStone Cemetery

March 29, 2011
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Here lies Joseph Manly,
Its okay, he had no family.

Here lies Jacob Sunny,
Lost his life and lost his money.

Mr. Cadaver lies here in rest,
And still does what he likes best.

IveBeen Poisoned rests alone,
Cause of death is still unknown.

Here lies big old Steven,
Who now makes the ground uneven.


Here lies stone cold Marley
Loved his life and loved his Harley.
Found it hard to press the break,
Helmetless, his first mistake.

Help you elders cross the street,
Or else a fatal end they’ll meet.
And so here lies Mellissa Hind,
Her helper wasn’t far behind.

Here lies the grave of an unknown man,
All we found was just his hand.
Which hand we found, we’ll never know.
Sadly he was married though.

In life his jokes would never cease.
He made you smile, your wrinkles crease.
His cheery laugh we’re sure to miss,
His last joke told much better than this.

Jackson Blake lies here not resting,
The man refused to die.
His sudden parting was a blessing,
We buried him alive.

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