March 10, 2011
By whyseone BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
whyseone BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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Lady, love me proper-like!
I ain't no six-figure Rolls-Royce diamond man!
I can't wrap up the world in pearls and lace
And hand it to ya,
So stop askin'!

Lady, love me proper-like!
I don't gotta carriage, I barely gotta car,
But honey, walk two blocks in this town
And you’ll find yourself a picture show,
So don’t get fussy.

Lady, love me proper-like!
So that Langston fella spins words like silk, huh?
I work steel ten hours a day, but M'am,
You don't bat an eye,
And it breaks my heart.

Lady, love me proper-like!
My love don't stretch from the moon to the stars,
My heart don’t throb like the wind and the tides,
'Cause I'm just a man,
And men get tired.

Lady, I love you.
I love you like sweat loves work,
Like cigar smoke on a Friday night, I love you
The only way I can.
So lady -

Baby -

Love me proper-like!

The author's comments:
Inspired by Langston Hughes.

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