Secrets and Lies

March 10, 2011
By Jess. BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Jess. BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Secrets are never kept quiet for long
and its always too late when you realize keeping secrets is wrong
especially from those you once cared for
when they figure it out, it cuts them deep in their core
does the word trust mean something to you
anything at all or does it leave you without one clue?
I'll give you a hint it starts with the truth
instead of lying or deceiving
trying to get someone to start believing
start with the truth and be straight forward
don't be a coward
and try to hide
behind all of your secrets and lies
tell it to me straight
before time runs out and it becomes too late
for now its all i have to say
just one more thing if i may
you ask me why it is i smile and i say its because i know how hard you try
to keep this a secret and cover it with a lie.

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