March 30, 2011
By Anonymous

People see what they want to see
our actions often encourage what they perceive
they look, they judge, they form opinions
It’s speculated that it comes from within them
A person is like a book
You won’t get all the information from just one look
You have to read a little bit
And be willing to give in
Maybe you saw it all wrong
the person's not what you thought at all
they’re more interesting and complex than you assumed
Maybe they’re not that different from you
You look, but do you really see
there’s so much that’s inside of me
experience, potential, advice for you
but no you don’t have a clue
I ask you to take a moment
and just focus in on it
Forget about all the things you’ve heard
Focus on these very words
Everyone’s worth a shot
Even when it seems they’re not
They’ve all got something we could use
There’s no one that can’t contribute

It’s time we stop making people decide
If they should feel the way they do inside
It’s about time we realize
all we have to do is open our eyes
And see more than the first page
advance beyond that single stage
And look more in depth into each person
I’m positive it will be worth it
There’s just so much that goes unnoticed
And it’s often just because of us
We’ve gotta stop this habit here and now
It’s time to just let the flames die down

There was a never a war, but it’s time for peace
A peace that begins with people like you and me

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my experiences with high school students. I realized we all judge someone at some point and in the end we could be missing out on a really great person.

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