March 30, 2011
By SallyJane1120 BRONZE, Louisa, Kentucky
SallyJane1120 BRONZE, Louisa, Kentucky
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What we love about words is their ability to make us feel something. 
Like talking about Christ. 
And a choir begins to sing. 
And the Hosannas begin to ring. 
Just because the preacher's pulling some strings. 
Like Abe Lincoln when he gave his speech. 
"Four score and seven years ago..." was enough to do it for me. 
Your emotions begin to flood as words begin to scream. 
Choking your lungs or enabling you to breathe. 
Making you laugh or putting you to sleep. 
Words words words. Such a powerful thing. 
Cause maybe the enemy's behind us and he's ready to swing. 
Maybe the broken wife is waiting patiently for her husband to leave. 
Maybe the bus is full and there's no more seats. 
Maybe the car's ready to go but someone's stolen the keys. 
Cause the whole world has turned a blind eye emotionally
To how they should be. 
How easily they should be able to see
That everything that happens to you and to me
Triggers these things
Not just what words bring.
But the chaos and struggles goes behind closed doors and is not spoken and yet we feel noth-ing. 
Until it's illuminated and jaded and incarcerated using words. 
Our feelings are not heard until they are heard. 
So let's hide behind our words until we can no longer 
And let's see if this nation gets any stronger. 

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