I Believe

March 30, 2011
By Sierra Barnhill BRONZE, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Sierra Barnhill BRONZE, Williamsburg, Kentucky
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I believe-
That your whole heart isn’t truly whole;
Somewhere you lost a piece of it to someone.

I believe-
That we all have skeletons in our closets;
That shouldn’t see the break of day.

I believe-
That sometimes its harder to live with the truth;
Than to live with the lies.

I believe-
That I don’t know where that leaves you;
But I know where I stand.

I believe-
That actions speak louder than words;
And your way with words is through silence.

I believe-
In you.
Even though you gave up on me.

I believe-
That kind words get you places
The harsh words never could.

I believe-
That people grow up
Faster than they have to.

I believe-
That if it means a lot to you,
It means a lot to me.

I believe-
That love has no bounds;
But it’s a line crossed meaninglessly

I believe-
That peace is held within the heart;
The decision is of the mind

I believe-
That times are changing;
All for us.

I believe-
That it never mattered anyway;
Means it mattered all along.

I believe-
In love that’s shameless;
And you dear shall remain nameless.

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