Hate Me Now

January 10, 2008
By Alyse Cicinelli, St Charles, IL

Don’t hate me for my talent
I know you’re jealous
You want to hate me then hate me; what can I do
If you’re going to hate me then hate for my:
Thoughts, feelings, random radical thoughts
Pain, anger shame, betrayed, and yes confusion is how I feel these days lately
You say you “Hate me” because I don’t understand
Explain and explore your words to me
You can hate me now...but I won't stop now…
You can hate but it won’t get anywhere
Funny thing I was just like you,
I had to live life hard, never give up
It seems you would rather see me in misery
Hate me for I actually have a life
Compared to you
Got a big group of friends
Whites, African Americans, Mexicans, Indians, Italian, etc
Hate me cause I have something that you will never have
You don’t have
An open mind for different a race but your own
For people who are just like you; have lots of money, five cars, a big house
Respect these different races
In my home, somewhere that you don’t belong
Yet still fear me, can’t even look me in the eye
You criticize everything and anything that is in-front of you that you don’t like
How would you like to live in my shoes?
People fear what they don't understand, hate what they can't conquer
Guess it's just the way of man
You have never seen a girl like me ever in your life
That’s what you can’t understand
You can hate me now, I’m not like you
But your life has just began now
You can hate me now

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