The last night

January 10, 2008
By Alyse Cicinelli, St Charles, IL

Today I woke up
Feeling it was a beautiful, sunny fall day.
My husband already went to work.
I took a shower, and was getting ready.
Left my husband a note on the fridge,
Grabbed my keys as I walked out the door,
I got into the car and drove to work.
I couldn’t wait to see all my close friends.
We went to lunch after work to catch up.
They asked me how I was feeling.
They asked me when “Marie” was due.
I said one more month, gosh
It’s already been 8.
I smiled at the thought of me becoming a mother
I left my friends saying “Time to go home, see you tomorrow.”
Walked out the restaurant,
As damp, drops fell from the sky.
Started my car and drove away.
Coming to a stop light and waiting for it to turn green
A car carelessly comes towards me.
It keeps coming faster and faster.
Darkness, bright lights
Darkness, blinding bright lights
Then I feel pain throughout my body.
Something liquid slowly slides down my face,
as I cried out with my final breath.
It’s a tear of sorrow, pain, and grief,
for my husband, tiny Marie and me.
And for the drunk driver who made this our last night.

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