Save Me

January 10, 2008
On the outside I’m hard
On the inside I’m soft
From a glance I’m glaring
From a deep, continuous stare
I’m thinking, or possibly crying.
It’s hard to read between the lines
It’s hard to find a deeper meaning.
It’s easier to turn away
It’s easier to forget.
It’s impossible to be perfect
It’s possible to try.
I’m tired
I’m hungry, but mostly tired.
I’m tired of trying
Tired of fighting
Tired of changing
Tired of being tired.
Treading water is no big deal
When you aren’t sinking.
Letting go, slipping away
That’s easy.
But you’ll regret it.
So run.
Run away.
Never say goodbye.
Find your answers.
Come back without question.
You won’t regret it.
Each time you’ll remember
The days that you saved
Yourself from the world.

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