O Soft Embalmer

January 10, 2008
O soft embalmer
Of the still midnight,
That you would say goodbye.
You bromised me forever,
You promised me a sky
To gaze upon and fall into
The darkest dream that's real
You promised I could have it all
You promised I would feel
The cool midnight surrounding me
As you gently touched my lips
You promised you would never leave
Or take away your kiss.
O soft embalmer

of the bright night sky,
with wings you fly away
Although I know that you must leave,
You promised you would stay.
I could have bore it better,
If I hadn't loved with all of me,
But everytime you dissapear
Your words resound, "Away, away, For I will fly to thee."
O soft embalmer
of the still midnight,
Take fight and set me free
For if you kept your promises,
I wouldnt doubt you'd fly to me.
But now that you my heart have all,
I have nothing left to give.
And you have left me with your words
And empty promises.

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