The Heart of the Matter

January 10, 2008
By Dena LaPotin, Lansdale, PA

It creeps so lightly
Yet speaks to my heart
Unload your burdensome stubbornness
For what drives you blindly into the night
This ridiculous madness
Weeping away your insecurities
Yet fulfilling one’s own lustful desire for pain
And artificial aspirations
You disgust me with your cruel absurdities
Your love is not real
Nor presented as synthetically as you try
Right your wrongs
This ridiculous madness
You have hurt too many hearts already
Make your decision
Whether it be a bitter symphony for oneself
Or a sweet dismiss of intuition
Tell one
Whom you chose
For you cannot love two truly
At the same time
Hide your falseness and be honest
Do not worry about the hurt
Reject the past as a mentor
Love, and truly love
Warrant your heart righteousness
Make a choice
Him or Me

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