Circular Winds

January 10, 2008
By Terry Murphy, Mequon, WI

Life giving winds whisper in a screechy voice,
the secret codes of nature.
Rushing through the creaking trees,
they offer fables from the ancient worlds,
hauling with them words of wisdom and fear.
Creating childhood games and dreams.
The mighty gusts wrestle with the leaves,
Pushing, Shoving, Tripping, Kicking.
Thus making the forest, look like an artists easel.
The winds slowly getting tighter and tighter,
they start to have a battle.
The artists easel splashing on the floor.
The trees now bear, their prone to defeat,
for the mighty winds want nothing but victory.
Their penetrating force numbs the vain.
Creating panic and fear, they rip through the naked trees,
Showing everyone they rule the earthly skies.
“Fear us you must for no one can escape our power”,
are the words that they scream. Nevertheless,
the mighty sun shows what he has in store.
Forcing the bone chilling winds, to slowly admit defeat.
Importing melting winds from seas away.
making our bodies generate heat. Allowing our life agent
the capability to let us carry forward in breath.
As the winds get warmer, the abandoned forests,
becoming the busiest hotel on the block.
Pairs of two clock in at the beginning, but half way through,
they walk around in fives. The easel now flooding with green,
and blue, allowing new birth to be released.
The people bustle and walk about, feeling relaxed as the scorching sun,
beats down on the crust. The cool water rushes over us,
giving us energy to do what we please. As the days
grow shorter, the cycle repeats its self. Their tightening grip,
only getting stronger around our naked bodies.
This is only the life of wind.

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