Lost Freind

March 28, 2011
By JasperKing BRONZE, Brillion, Wisconsin
JasperKing BRONZE, Brillion, Wisconsin
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i lost a friend today
following my stupid ways
why did i have to mess everything up
and now I'm trying hard
to help you get far
but you push me away, i lost your trust

and I'm drowning in the waters of pain
sinking deeper everyday

and i know i should be happy with what i have
and yeah, i deserve this
but could you forget my mistakes
and just throw them away
i was stupid i was wrong
but, yeah, you knew that all along.

now i am crying the silent tears
the worst tears of all.

you are always there for me
always on my darkest days
no matter what your doing your there for me
I'm sorry i couldn't be there for you
i just don't know the words to say
please forgive me

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