Only You

March 28, 2011
By Smmmantha SILVER, Weatherly, Pennsylvania
Smmmantha SILVER, Weatherly, Pennsylvania
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Even though I love you, I hate the things you do;
coming from my point of view, I watch you, wait for you,
all of this while you stalk the night like an owl,
party as if you're 21, kill your liver,
just so you can live up to the name, to impress your friends,
it’s how you are, it’s how you’ll always be,
I get it, but you don’t,
I can’t say it doesn’t ever exhaustingly eat at me,
you know it does, but you continue,
my conclusion is to walk away,
but there’s no one else like you,
I won't ask or tell you to stop, just consider slowing down,
I hate the things you do, you know our love is strong,
we get through everything,
so it’s forever and always that I’ll love you for you,
no exceptions.

The author's comments:
Another one about a boy.

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