Lovin You

January 10, 2008
By Ashley Sanchez, Midland, TX

Baby lovin you is the only thing i kno what to do your the only thing that i can think of i tell you to h old me close. never let me go i dont want to lose you i can afford to lose you no matter how mad you get or fustrated i get i cant show that i am mad at you cause your all i kno your all i need your all i want im in love with you and thats all i can explain i cant say why or what but i just love you .
everything i tell you comes fully from the heart i tell you no lies and i dont play games everything is completely fully true my heart has always belonged to you and it always will you dont have to worry bout that my heart is only yours no one has ever had my love the way i give it to you you have seen more of my heart then of my love then anyone has before.
sometimes i am afraid to love you but i let my gaurd down causei know you are true and i know you truly love me i get to see you i see who you truly are behind the toughness i really see i kno you can care i see teh kindness of hearts that no one else can see you open up to me your not intemidated by me.
i need you to love me like you've never loved before and everythime i see you i want you to hold me like you'll never let go and kiss me like its our very last time cause your the one i want forever im in love wit you and there is nothing that can change that your the love of my life i love you more then the stars in the galaxy abd the grass and water all around the earth your my ducky my lucky charms my hunny bunny so love your bunny rabbit always and forever forever and ever
always yours

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