Truth of Chaos

April 4, 2011
By LovingMyth SILVER, Fort Mill, South Carolina
LovingMyth SILVER, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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Going to school was like being force-fed molasses; it made
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It was perhaps the most monotonus, boring waste of my time

Sage smiled soundly as fire ignited
Branches they burned; her eyes became brightened
Those eyes of hers fought, the tempt of the fruit
Goddess of chaos; her powers were moot
Eyes of truth, made Sage strong, more than all men
Flames became ash but where did flames begin
Muses I evoke thee, help tell this tale
A story of truth and how it does prevail
Once long ago lied a village in Greece
Chaos was unknown, there was only peace
The town began at a shining blue sea
The center marked by a grand apple tree
On past the tree and the fruit it did bear
Reaching the mountains with beauty so rare
While these people; kind; knew nothing at all
With their ignorance, the began to fall
Buts Gods blessed the town, luck was on their side
A child was born; saw the truth they denied
Her eyes saw the truth, they made the girl known
Fame carried with her, now that girl is grown
“Oh Sage!” People cried, the people in need
And her knowledge of truth led Sage to lead
All was peaceful in this place ruled by Sage
And peace caused Eris to go into rage
The Goddess of chaos had this in store
A rain of evil was about to pour
The grand tree they all loved, she would infect
Twas a plan that no one could detect
Every piece of fruit would affect each brain
Making them evil; completely insane
So into the grand tree Eris did go
And once she entered the evil did flow
And so she waited for the tree to bloom
And once it did she awaited their doom
Then one summer’s night did it all begin
A bite of the apple started the sin
From then, the town went completely amiss
Unknown, twas the apple, causing all this
For who passed the tree, it tempted them all
To their hearts the fruit of the tree did call
“Eat me!” It screamed, and so they all did
Little knew of the evils it hid
To them the tree was a tree, nothing more
But ripe this fruit be, rotten to the core
When chaos erupted they had no clue
So all turned to Sage on what they should do
She went to see what had become the flaw
And immediately, eyes of truth saw
The grand apple tree, it had be possessed
By the evil that she did so detest
“Oh Eris!” Sage did scream, calling her out
“Fight me or is it your powers you doubt?”
And with a shrill scream, Eris did appear
“I’ll kill you!” She screamed, her threat was sincere
All infected came to Eris’s aid
Ready to fight, as if in a crusade
Though the army was large, Sage wavered not
And with eyes of truth, the chaos she fought
Throughout the big battle, much blood was shed
And by the end Sage’s hands were stained red
The ground was littered with the ones who fell
But cause of chaos, she’d yet to expel
“Oh Gods” Sage did pray “help me win this war
To protect this place was the oath I swore
So Gods grant me something to help me win
Help me to restore the peace that had been.”
So the Gods granted a power to her
A power to destroy the saboteur
A gift of pure strength that could kill all lies
So Sage looked straight into Eris’s eyes
Eris now saw the truth she’d pushed aside
Now blinded by truth she did subside
Once again, she went into the tree
But never again would Sage let this be
So flames she gave, Sage ignited the wood
Truth saved this town, turned all evil to good.

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