Forgive Don't Forget

March 26, 2011
By VaulterBro17 SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
VaulterBro17 SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
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"the pen is the tongue of the mind" -Miguel de Cervantes

As tears form from this sullen black cloud,
The forgotten promise of remembrance he vowed,

And while the sanded time passes by,
No joyous glints come from this sad eye,

I feel his memory of me slowly fading,
As the flames of depression begin crusading,
and lick the tip of my skin.

The fear of being forgotten haunts me,
Of this mindset I want to break free,

The shadows surround me,
darkness falls,
Whispers alert me,
passion calls,

I begin to trust,
I no longer fear,
I know he remembers,
he knows that I'm here,

And now all that sorrow, I tend to regret,
I always remember, forgive, don't forget.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I moved to another city a while back. Before I left, I made my best friend promise that he wouldn't forget me. He never wrote, text, or called me. I soon began to feel depressed and I was certain that he had broke our promise(along with the fact that I was homesick). I soon thought that somewhere deep down he must remember me and the times we had together, and even to this day I still don't know for sure, but that hope is still there.

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