True Love

January 10, 2008
By Kipha Henke, Deseret, UT

I feel the wind in my face,
And look at you,
And realize you are my base.
Each day I live,
From morning until night,
I hear the word I love you,
But that just don’t sound right.
We are always together,
Like inseparable twins,
But that all changes as,
Life takes some spins.
We start to drift,
Like a boat on open water.
The conflict turn into be,
Situation that just gets hotter.
Every night,
I lay awake,
I hear those three words,
I just can’t take.
As I see you one day,
And we start to talk,
I ask,
Can we go for a walk?
As I walk home,
I start to sing,
And those three words,
Just start to ring.
I think of you now,
And those three words,
And realize,
This is absurd.
When you said I love you,
Every body new,
I would say,
I love you too!

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