Obsessed With You

January 10, 2008
Every day and night
I think of you
Then a light
Goes on in my head
I’ll just ignore you
So while I ignore you
I’m still thinking
That you’re cute
I can’t help it after
A couple of days
I’m obsessed with you
That’s just it I’ve never
Been obsessed with
Anyone but you
That’s my problem
I can’t get you
Out of my head
I even thought
Of how a date
Would be but it’ll
Never happen because
I don’t know if
You like me back
I see you in the
Hall and look at
You and then hurry
To my class
I watch you
At recess
When you play
Football with
Your friends
I can’t help it
And I want to
Scream because
I’m obsessed with
You and only
You nobody else
Matters to me but you

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