I, or The Life and Loves of Corpse and Casket

March 29, 2011
By SeanCS BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
SeanCS BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I was the one who dried him
The one who saved him from his rot
The one who ensured his body would survive,
Dry as it was, dry as the desert's sand.

I was the one who wrapped him
Offering my protection with my straps of linen
All that I could offer to my king, my god, my pharaoh
Protection for the journey after and the life he'd live in death.

I was the one who charmed him
The one who placed the amulets for his spiritual well-being
The one who gave his spirit luck for his future trials
And protected him beyond the barrier of death.

I was the one who built his home
Who laid the melted gold into the mold
Who ensured that his face would live forever in the shining gems
To carry on his memory even if time could not.

I was the one who parted his lips
Who gave him breath when he could not breathe
Who gave him the power to feast and drink to his soul's content
My amulets kissing his lips until they could not help but loose.

I was the one who loved him in his life
Daughter of his father yet stranger to his mother
The one who knew him like no other
And who was later left alone.

I was the one who found him
The one who threw open his home
Who tore off his wrappings and his charms
And exposed him to the air and left his soul and love and lips

To rot.

The author's comments:
A persona poem about the people surrounding King Tut in his life and afterlife.

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