Ugly Things

March 20, 2011
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Fat, Grimy, flea infested thing that creeps into the shadows poised to attack.
Irritated and wanting to punch something.
Yellow, a blinding, sour lemon color that is not delicate like other colors, but annoyingly bright.
It smells of scorching chow mien leftovers and dirty diapers. The hideous smelling smoke choking me.
Piles and piles of rotten garbage polluting the earth with mountains of filthiness.
Annoying country tunes that seem to have the same lovey-dovey whine that plays until you get a headache.
Little green balls of alien poop that’s called Brussels sprouts. My eyes water and I gag once they touch my taste buds.
Darkness, a blanket of fear that suffocates me and forms shadows at night. Until I panic and surrender hiding under my blankets.

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