I Am

January 10, 2008
By nancy yanez, Houston, TX

I am a loud and silly girl.
I wonder if there is a girl out there like me.
I hear rumors about how people wish there was other girls like me out there.
I want to be happy all the time.
I am a loud and silly girl.

I pretend to be serious around my parents.
I feel them looking at me like where did that side of her come out of.
I worry because of the way I act maybe people won’t take me serious.
I cry when I think about something sad that has happened to me.
I am a loud and silly girl.

I understand that in life there is always going to be problems.
I dream about one day seeing the whole world laughing with joy.
I try to keep a smile on my face.
I hope that one day people will remember as the girl who made everybody smile.
I am a loud and silly girl.

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