How Does An Entire Family Explain Heaven

January 10, 2008
How does an entire family explain heaven to their dying Grandfater?

Please give u sthe words Lord and let us say them witha a smile.

There is a place known as Heaven.

Deep Deep in the skies above.

It is the place where God waits for us.

You have been strong and healthy.

Kind and Free

But sometimes bad things happen Jack

And sickness grabs a hoold of us

It could be something serious or enven just a cold


God has come now to take you home

It is up in Heaven where you

Will run, laugh, and roam

You have fought so long and so hard

Now go to him Jack

Just follow the track

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Seeker said...
May 7, 2012 at 4:53 pm

This reminds me a bit of my grandfather's death. He was named Jack too, which is why this stuck out a bit for me.


This sounds a lot lit a poem I have read, but slightly different wording. 

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