Waiting in the Black

March 17, 2011
In the night, a silent sorrow,
Screaming out for better ‘morrow.
Forcing smiles that can’t be borrowed
While waiting in the black.

Again a war has forced to come,
Inward shooting, has just begun.
But I can’t seem to shoot the gun
To get the peace I lack.

Alone, the day—a mask to wear,
Glitter playing to make it fair.
Starting to be too much to bear
So it begins to slack.

But I remain—to stay so strong,
Not show I feel I don’t belong.
So I still sing this battle’s song
And I cannot go back.

Broken-hearted, here is nightmare.
All but one seem not to care.
How can one state that life is fair,
While waiting in the black.

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