Belligerent love

January 10, 2008
By Cara Chill, Wheeling, IL

He says I love you,
You are everything to me.
I turn and in that one second he’s a liar
He looks at me slurring
“ Baby I’m fine…”
I see red forming near his pupils
I thought you loved me,
Apparently not,
He’s driving; I’m in shotgun,
Quickly accelerating from 35 to 50 to 75
Changes lanes, no signal,
Street lights have never seemed so bright
He slams his brakes after the line
The light already turned red seconds before
I blink twice
Not knowing what is real
He starts to swerve, I yell
“Pull over!”
My hand grabs the side of the seat
BAC level rises like his temperature
My patience slowly empties like vodka from the bottle

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